Sree Rama Dasa Ashram, Ramagiri
Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam - World is One Family

Sree Rama Dasa Ashram, Ramagiri
Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam - World is One Family


My Conversations and Experiences with Jagadguru Swami Sathyananda Saraswathiji Maharaj


Guruji said that the Chakora, a bird commonly seen here in Ramagiri, is the Greek Partridge. It is mentioned repeatedly in Tulasidas Ramayana (Ramacharitamanas) which I was assisting him to translate in English Poetry. Once, as he was reading out the symbols of Divinity on Sree Rama's body, he read about the three bow shaped lines on His forehead. I looked up from the text and kept gazing at the three bowshaped lines on his forehead. He drew his fingers across his Lalaat and said, "Yes, those signs are there on this body as well." So I named this work as Chaand Aur Chakora - The Partridge And The Moon.

People foreign to this ancient Indian concept can Google it. It describes the fascination of the Partridge for the Moon due to which it keeps gazing upwards remembering the heavens where its tiny wings can never reach.


No Going or Coming

Me: I feel very sad for anyone going from here.

Guruji: No. Nobody is going from here. Nobody is coming. (Laughs heartily). Everybody is everywhere. Because 'I am Brahman' (The final realization of the saint is 'I am one with God'). So you cannot be in a place. When you or I say something with the conventional practice of the material world we say going and coming. The Omnipresent has no going. Because to 'go' there has to be an empty space. I have to take my body in motion there. Then only can you say 'going'. But if the object is filled everywhere how can It go. Then there is no action, no Karma. 

Me: When we are identified with the ego we get the feeling of going and coming even if really we do not do so.

Guruji: In the sense of the material world going and coming is correct; surely it is correct. But in the real sense, if we think that I am not this body with organs to go or come or to see or to enjoy, then I feel I am only the real Brahman concept. Correct? Can't believe! (Guruji laughs again)

Note: When Guruji's Guruji, our Paramaguruji, Brahmasree Neelakanta Gurupadar, consciously left his body while sitting in Padmasan in 26th May 1965, His last words to His tearful disciple were, "We go nowhere. Do your duty."

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Quantum Is Not Final

A: Guruji, can I do a course on Quantum theory? So I can get the knowledge of science and compare it with the Vedas.
Guruji: Ok, but physics has now gone beyond the quantum. But it is good as a basic principle. You can study it. (To me) Have you studied quantum physics?

Me: Yes, Guruji. I really liked it. 

(At this time I was fresh out of Engineering College. Now I had to look up the spelling of quantum on Google)

Me: I am comparing it with the Vedas. For example, they have seen that the electron becomes real only when it is observed. So it is the first place where they have gone one step more to say that the reality of the observed is according to the observation. They used to say that the observed exists independent of the observer. Now they have come one step closer to the Vedas. The next step is ---

Guruji: The observed is according to the observer.

Me: Another point is that the sighting of the electron is a subjective phenomenon. Only because we see it it is there. Otherwise it exists as a potential. The only other place this occurs is in a dream. The potential of the form is there but only when we look the person actually appears. It is an affirmation of what the Vedas are saying -- that this world is a dream-reality.

Guruji: Dream-reality? Then there is no meaning of the word dream. Saying that there is no reality in what you see, is called a dream. There is no dream-reality. The dream exists for the time you observe it and enjoy it as you have the visual world outside. That period is also the creation of that unreal dream. The unreal dream cannot create the reality. It is foolishness to believe that. The same applies to quantum theory. I agree that it is opening a gateway to our Vedic vision, but it is not final. As long as quantum is there the matter is there. Correct? Quantum means a collection.
Me: Yes, a limited amount.

Guruji: As long as matter is there the mind is there. As long as the mind is there Life will again sprout up. So there is no deliverance or freedom from the quantum. The observer needs his own voice or words to say 'quantum'. So this theory is giving light on atomic movement, time and space. It has certain beautiful words upto the mark. Upto that limit it is real. But not beyond that.

INSPIRES, Ramagiri


The Cause of Disease

Me: Guruji, I feel very hungry between meals and especially after chanting. Can I buy some food and keep with me?

Guruji: Why from outside? Ask him to make some here for you. Or you can make it yourself in the kitchen. Use everything freely as yours. There is no formality here. As I am free, so you are. These barriers are only for the public.

Me: I don't know cooking. 

Guruji: I'll tell M to teach you. You teach him physics and he will teach you cooking. Don't buy from outside. These rotten people will have all evil thoughts of profit and that will be in the food you take from them. The essence from the food will affect the instincts in your life. It is also the cause of many diseases. Doctors will never find the ultimate cause of diseases because it is in the invisible food essence. A sanyasi should be very careful about what he eats. By and by the hunger will decrease as the capacity of the body increases.I never used to go to hotels. If at all it was necessary to go with some friends I would quickly eat a little and then... out. Here (in the Ashram) I used to cook alone for everybody; sometimes even a hundred people. I also used to clean the place, prepare for Abhishekam, do Abhishekam, do Aradhana -- everything by myself. Now there is money, cars, jeeps and many people, but still things are not being done properly.

INSPIRES, Ramagiri