Sree Rama Dasa Ashram, Ramagiri
Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam - World is One Family

Sree Rama Dasa Ashram, Ramagiri
Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam - World is One Family


VISHWA RATNA Swami Krishnananda Saraswathiji Maharaj (Swamiji)

"All I am doing is manufacturing a little light for a dark world."

Name             :    Vishwaratna Swami Krishnananda Saraswathi (Swamiji)

Disciple Of    :    Seniormost disciple of His Holiness Jagadguru Swami Sathyananda Saraswathiji Maharaj who was founder of Sree Rama Dasa Mission, founder of Sree Ramadasa Mission Universal Society, founder chairman of Hindu Aikyavedi, member of Kendriya Marg Darshak Mandal.

Date Of Birth        :    22nd December 1938

Address    :    Sree Rama Dasa Ashram,  Ramagiri, near Ambeshiv village, Kulgaon P.O., Badlapur (W), Thane dist., MAHARASHTRA, PIN – 421503, INDIA.

Famous Agitations    :   

  • Led the following movements under the guidance of his Guruji:
  • He led the Palukachi Mala struggle for replacing beheaded idols on the Palukachi hills in the face of violent opposition by thousands of miscreant missionaries.
  • Organized hundreds of protest meets and marches throughout the length of Kerala over this issue.
  • Performedd Satyagraha in front of the Pathinettaam Padi of Sabarimala for the sake of cleaning up Sabarimala.
  • Promoted the Harivaraasana Project for Sabarimala, created by his Guruji, on multiple platforms.
  • Led the Nileckil agitation for preventing encroachment on the Shiva temple at Nileckil en-route to Sabarimala.Led many protest-meets for Hindu causes outside the Legislative Assembly and Secretariat, ex. mid-day torch light procession.
  • Promoted chanting of Lalita Sahasranam by all sections of society and by ladies at a time when pseudo-priests were keeping it as a privileged Mantra.

For National Integrity    :   

  • Brought Jyothis (oil lamps), unextinguished, from 501 temples and Teerthas all over the length and breadth of India, to his Guruji’s headquarters in Thiruvananthapuram and merged them with the Akhanda temple Jyothi there. Promoted similar Jyothi Prayaanams all over India to promote unity and eliminate the feeling of differences.
  • Conducted Sree Rama Ratha Yatra, at Rama Navami time, from Mookambika in Karnataka to all over Kerala for past 31years. The Rath Yatra started in 1989 has been extended to include a second Rath from Mookambika to all over Mumbai in 2009. Speeches during the Rath Yatra promote National integration and cultural awareness vis-a-vis current issues.
  • Conducted Rama Rajya Ratha Yatra from Ayodhya to Rameshwaram for 41 days traversing 7000km and six states in 2018. Was conducted along with the cooperation of VHP, RSS and all major Hindu organisations and had a national public participation of 20 crore people. Main points of agitation were building of Rama temple at Ramajanmabhoomi in Ayodhya, establishment of Rama Rajya, including Ramayana in educational syllabus, making weekly holiday Thursday instead of Sunday, declaring a World Hindu Day. Conducted Rama Rajya Rath Yatra in 2019 from Rameswaram to Ayodhya traversing 10 states and 10,000km.
  • Organised yearly 12 day Hindu Mahasammelan, in Kerala, at end of Rath Yatra with each day dedicated to a specific Hindu topic like Vedic Sammelan, Ramayana Sammelan, Kavya Sammelan (poetry), Vanita Sammelan (woman empowerment), youth, leadership, etc.
  • Tried to bring all sections of Hindus on a common platform by promoting equal knowledge of Shastras and Pooja techniques by all.
  • Organised Sanyasi Sammelans that brought saints of various Panths on a common platform.
  • Built temples for Harijans and Adivasis.
  • Organized Hindus through Kutumba Samitis or family units.
  • Worked with other Hindu organizations like VHP by accepting membership of Kendriya Marg Darshak Mandal and Ayodhya Nyas Manch. Participated in several Sanyasi Sammelans in Haridwar, Kashi, Mathura, Nasik, Dwarka, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala.
  • Promoted his Gurudev’s triangular formula for National development – Spiritual base, Economic growth, Political stability.

World’s Largest Nam Yagna:     Under the guidance of his Guruji, Swamiji conducted the Shata Koti Nama Yagna at Sree Rama Dasa Ashram in Thiruvananthapuram. Organized an entire train on rent from Govt. Of India for taking 2,000 Maharashtrians to Kerala, remain at Veli station for 21 days until the Archana was completed, and then take them back to Pune. These Maharashtrians were Vishwachaitanya Sadguru Narayan Maharaj (Anna Maharaj) and his disciples. When Anna Maharaj  invited Guruji to Pune Guruji said, "You came here for God. I will also come there for God." So Anna Maharaj and Swamiji organised a Dvishata Koti Naam Yagna in Narayanpur near Pune, where his Temple and Ashram are situated. A hill was cut to make the Yagnashala and ten thousand men completed 100 crore Shiv Naam and then 100 crore Dattatreya Naam in 10 days without leaving the premises. Guruji made a 300kg Panchaloha Murthi of Lord Dattatreya and gifted it to Anna Maharaj as well as honoured him with a gold crown. Anna Maharaj gifted Guruji with a gold mace, the weapon of Hanumanji. Swamiji built a Dattatreya temple in Ramagiri in memory of this relationship between two Masters who did not even speak a common language. Swamiji is now training people to perform a Sahasrakoti Nama Yagna (1,000 crore) according to the Sankalpa of his Guruji.

Ashrams& Organizations    :   

  • Has established Ashrams in the name of his Guruji at 

            i) Badlapur in Mumbai. 

            ii)Obra (near Kashi) and Survari (near Ayodhya) in UP 

            iii)Jalahalli and Electronic City in Karnataka.

  • Managing Trustee of Sree Rama Dasa Mission Universal Society Medical Mission. 
  • Managing Trustee of Shankarananda Ashram in Mookambika
  • Trustee of Sree Ram Charitable Trust that runs Punnyabhoomi International Daily newspaper.
  • Trustee of Sree Bhoothanatha Dharma Sthapanam Trust in Sabarimala.
  • Also affiliated with Sree Rama Dasa Mission, Maithili Mahila Mandal, Balprapancham, Young Men’s Hindi Association. Advisor to numerous other bodies, trusts and organizations.

Social, Education and Health:     

  • Runs a school in Obra having more than 1,000 students.
  • Runs a school for Adivasi children at Badlapur which aims at their social integration.
  • Runs an SIEC school at Badlapur with classes from Nursery to 12th standard.
  • Publishes INSPIRES (INternational Society for the Promotion of Indian Religious and Epic Studies) books for spreading his Guruji’s teachings.
  • Conducts dowry-free marriages at Badlapur Ashram. Marriage is fully sponsored by Ashram, for needy people.
  • Conducts daily Annadan at Badlapur Ashram where nutritious food is provided to impoverished children.
  • Has started one of the biggest centres for Pitru Bali in Maharashtra at the Badlapur Ashram.
  • Has conducted Yoga camps all over Mumbai to spread health awareness.
  • Has promoted the performance of Havans and Archanas in every house.
  • Runs free medical services for the poor at Badlapur.
  • Organizes cultural programs for promotion of Arts and Culture. Has involved various artists like S. P. Balasubramaniam, Ilayay Raja, Anup Jalota, Yesudas, Ravindra Jain, Mithun Chakraborthy, Deven Verma and Poonam Dhillon in this work.
  • Promotes the triangular formula for social development – Annadan, Vidyadan, Kanyadan.


Vishwa Ratna Award for Lifetime Achievement and Leadership to H H Swami Krishnananda Saraswathi ji Maharaj, National President of SRDM-US. On 30th Oct 2021. From LEAD INDIA FOUNDATION (USA) that was inspired into creation by Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam (11th President of India) and broadcasts simultaneously across 47 countries.